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Top Reasons to Switch Electricity Companies

It should come as no surprise that a website dedicated to consumer energy matters recommends that you shop for electricity rates. We have posted on topics ranging from renewable energy to home energy conservation tips. There have also been a number of posts regarding the various types of residential electricity plans. From our experience, most […]

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Electricity Shopping for Businesses

Electricity shopping for business.  Finding a low electricity rate for your business can be a challenge. For most small businesses, working with an electricity broker is the most common approach.  While many brokers do an excellent job at providing value, not all business owners benefit from using a broker.  Frontier Utilities, an electricity provider, recently […]

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Electricity Shopping Services not for Everyone

When it comes to finding low electricity rates for your home, you have several shopping venues from which to choose. You could respond to direct marketing offers from competitive electricity suppliers.  Checking out electricity provider websites is also an option.  A visit to the state-run electricity rate board is not a bad idea. However, these websites are notoriously […]

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One-Cent Electricity Rates?

One-Cent Electricity Rates?  The Texas retail electricity market is mature and vibrant. Electricity providers are diversifying their offers to include time-of-use rates and value-added services that allow consumers to manage their energy bills.  Recent offers posted on the state’s electricity shopping website, however, are tarnishing the market. Electricity Facts Label Texas requires electricity providers to […]

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Door-to-Door Energy Marketing Challenges

The core function of any retail business is identifying how to reach consumers and get them buy a particular product or service. Energy providers serving residential customers are no different.  Their ability to economically acquire and retain customers is critical to their success.  Without a steady flow of new enrollments, energy providers will slowly see […]

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Understanding Residential Fixed Rate Charges

Understanding residential fixed rate charges before shopping for a new plan.  Texans shopping for residential electricity rates can select from a variety of competitive plans. With so many offers available, how do consumers compare electricity offers? The answer lies in the Electricity Facts Label. The Electricity Facts Label (EFL) is a standardized document that must […]

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Connecticut Electricity Rates

Connecticut Electricity Choice

While Connecticut’s official nickname is the “Constitution State,” it is also know by other monikers including the “Nutmeg State” and the “Provisions State.” One of the lesser-known nicknames is the “Land of Steady Habits.” While this was intended to allude to the strict morals of the state’s inhabitants, it also reflects the standards to which […]

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