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Overview of Texas Electricity Deregulation

Commercial air travel and retail energy are two deregulated industries that have travelled very different paths. Consolidation of commercial airlines has greatly reduced the number of carriers serving various markets. Services once considered basic and complimentary have evolved into costly pay-per-service upgrades. Texas electricity deregulation and the retail energy market, however, is evolving quite differently. […]

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Texas Electric Pricing – It’s About Time

Business owners are accustomed to receiving quantity discounts on just about anything they buy to run their businesses. Whether purchasing consumables or items for resale, the more you buy the lower price. One of the biggest surprises when it comes to shopping for electricity for your business is that quantity is not the primary price […]

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What Makes Texas Electricity Green?

When consumers shop for electricity rates, they often encounter plans that claim to be “green” or represent that they contain some percentage of renewable energy. A common question:  how does a selected plan flow from renewable generation resources (wind farms, solar arrays, etc.) to customers.  What makes Texas electricity green? The short answer is that […]

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Texas Consumer Protection Rules – Electricity

When state legislators began struggling with the concept of Texas utility deregulation, one of their primary concerns was how to release customers into a new competitive landscape.  And how to do it without falling victim to potentially confusing terms and conditions from competitive energy providers. While this may sound somewhat paternalistic, legislators and regulators wanted […]

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Proliferation Of Texas Retail Electric Offers

One of the benchmarks of a successful free market is the range of choice provided to customers. Choice can be viewed both in terms of the number of firms active in the market as well as the variety of products those firms offer to consumers. In the first decade of retail electric deregulation in Texas, […]

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Green Mountain Energy

Rated 5 / 5 Stars By Suzanne

I had Green Mountain Energy as my electricity provider at our condo in Port Aransas. They were very easy to do business with and I liked the environmental information on the billing statement. It translates the environmental benefit of using renewable energy into layman's terms. My only criticism is that I did not select the email billing option when I enrolled and it was difficult to switch to it later instead of getting paper bills.

Direct Energy

Rated 5 / 5 Stars By NLH

Very easy to work with. I liked the newsletters they sent via email. The newsletters were informative and had practical ideas on saving energy. The electricity rate was good. My electricity usage is a little lower than average and their rate plan did not penalize me for low usage like some energy companies.

Pioneer Energy

Rated 5 / 5 Stars By Don B

No problems. Signed up online. Switch was seamless. I chose the e-Bill and bank debit feature so everything just worked automatically. Never had a reason to contact them so I can't attest to their in-person customer service. If you are looking for a low maintenance electricity provider, these guys seemed OK. Did not stay with them when contract was up because I found a better rate with Cirro Energy. It pays to shop!

Champion Energy

Rated 4 / 5 Stars By Nancy

We signed up with Champion for a 24-month fixed price plan. Family members and friends were complaining about their summer electricity bills while we were paying a lot less than they were. When I moved a couple of months before the end of the contract, they were very helpful in working with me to make the transition as easy and painless as possible. I would recommend Champion Energy to anyone looking for a good electricity rate.

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