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A Complete Plano Electricity Providers & Energy Guide

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If you are living in Plano, you can get more than 50 energy providers and over 300 electricity plans to choose from. Besides, various electricity companies offer services at an affordable rate to appeal to customers. However, some offer enhanced services and innovative plans. In these value-added services, one can get heating and cooling system maintenance, smart thermostats, time-of-use rates, and customer loyalty rewards.

As Plano does not have electricity default pricing plans, all deregulated areas consumers of Texas like Plano get service from competitive Plano electricity providers

Top Plano Electricity Companies

City of Plano Green Energy

Plano Electricity Rates

Plano is a deregulated electricity market in Oncor Energy. You can choose your electricity companies in Plano. Whatever Retail Electric Provider you choose, you will get the exact, reliable services at your meter as Oncor is the Transmission Distribution Utility (TDU).

ElectricityMatch is a free service that offers a comparison tool through which Plano residents can compare all the electricity plans, choose what’s best for them, and enjoy significant savings. Don’t worry. We provide exact rates directly from the Retail Electricity Providers that you see on their websites.

Electricity Providers submit their rates to us. We show them in our comparison rate table. You can clearly and transparently sort and filter to compare energy plans. Through our easy-to-use comparison tool, you can save your hard money and time by putting the best plans side by side with all of the dedicated REPs.

You may encounter various energy companies that use deceptive marketing, especially hidden fees, to trick consumers into going for inadequate plans. That’s why we filter these kinds of plans to help you save from such companies. ElectricityMatch is one of the genuine comparison sites that shows the exact Plano electricity rates side by side so that you can find what’s best for you.

To know more about the best electricity companies in Plano, check these small samples of actual plans:

Energy Texas Logo
36 Inflation Fix Plan

100% renewable energy from Texas sources
Protect yourself against inflation and lock in your rate for 3 years with our most competitive pricing

230 Times Sep 28th, 2022
Fixed Rate
12.7¢ per kWh
AP Gas & Electric Logo
True Classic 36

36 Month Fixed Rate
Guaranteed rate for 3 year
Straight-Forward bills

107 Times Sep 30th, 2022
Fixed Rate
12.9¢ per kWh
AP Gas & Electric Logo
True Classic Green 36

36 Month Fixed Green Rate
Guaranteed Green rate for 3 years
Straight-Forward bills

13 Times Sep 30th, 2022
Fixed Rate
13.3¢ per kWh

These Oncor Energy rates are live and updated daily. Pricing shown is for 2000kWh (Medium-Large Homes).

About Electricity Service in Plano, Texas

Plano is a small city within the broader Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan region. Its population is estimated to be around 288,000 people. Even though the people of communities around Plano span from 54k to 1.3 million, power costs are comparable since most of these cities are served by the same transmission and distribution utility (TDU) – ONCOR. Residents choose a Plano electricity provider that offers the best service at the lowest cost because electricity is deregulated in the city. Because energy plans in Texas are open to competition, all deregulated communities in Texas, including Plano, may benefit from a competitive market.  

In the electricity data month of October 2021, Plano’s average electricity rate of 12.56¢/kWh is a difference in savings of about 11% from the U.S. average of 14.11¢/k, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA).

Average Retail Price of electricity

As per the graph above, deregulation in Texas has been advantageous to Texas residential electricity consumers, with a moderate savings of ~10% from the national average residential electricity rates.

Did you know?

Texas has 23.1% of the U.S. market share and ranks sixth in overall energy consumption per capita. However, Plano homeowners and renters consume about 1,086 kWh per month for residential electricity. At the same time, the national average is shy of 900 kWh1. In Plano, every residential electricity consumer must pay the same Transmission and Distribution Utility(TDU) delivery fees, regardless of which Texas electricity company supplies power.

The Electricity in Plano is deregulated. As a Plano resident, you have the power to choose the lowest and Best electric company in Plano, TX. You can compare many plans and electricity providers to select the apt plan and benefit from a competitive market because all the electricity plans are deregulated in Texas.

Moreover, the competition between electric providers in Texas is really high, which means you can get lower monthly rates and flexible plans that fit you and your home better.

You can find dozens of Retail Electricity Providers in Plano who want your business because of the competition. However, you can find the best rate and flexible electric companies in Plano, TX using our comparison engine.

Courtesy of EIA.GOV
Data compiled from EIA.GOV

The average cost per kWh for Texas Electricity was 11.71 cents in 2020, and the average bill was $132.59 for the same period. You can find electricity rates for 12+ months fixed-rate as low as $0.08 on electricitymatch.com.

Types of Plano Electricity Plans

The electricity companies in Plano offer fixed-rate plans due to deregulation. They have a predetermined fee for the contract duration. Therefore, the rates will not vary regardless of the climate, natural events, or market volatility.

Fixed-rate plans are typically available in different term duration, like 6, 12, 24, or 36 months. With a fixed-rate electricity plan in Plano, you can benefit from faired bills more than those on a variable rate.

You can get plenty of Plano electricity providers to choose from in Plano.

Although, you can find it challenging to select the right plan for your house as per budget. The choices of plans include fixed-rate, variable-rate, and prepaid plans and different term lengths, price options, and rewards. If you want the best electric company in Plano, TX, compare all Plano’s top plans and companies.   

Everything You Must Know About Green Energy In Plano

Plano residents may choose from a variety of green energy options. To meet or exceed the green energy plan’s requirements, some Plano electricity providers offer renewable energy claims for their products by buying and withdrawing enough renewable energy certificates (RECs).

Suppose a consumer signs up for a 12-month renewable energy product and uses 10,000 kilowatt-hours of power. In that case, the Plano electricity providers will acquire and retire 10 RECs to meet their renewable energy commitment. 

Retail energy suppliers also use independent auditors to ensure that they genuinely retire the correct amount of RECs to match their product promises. Customers may be confident that their power meets renewable criteria by using recognized certification schemes like Green-e.


By conducting a personal energy audit on your home, you can save a lot on energy in Plano. How to do so? Follow the given steps:

  • First, look for products you don’t use (like a DVD or VCR) and remove them. 
  • Replace old inefficient products with more contemporary and energy-efficient products in your home.
  • Always go for Energy Star-rated appliances. They are specially designed to use less and standby power when not in use.
  • Pull the plug of the group of devices (computer, printer, phone chargers) on a power strip and turn it off when not in use.
  • Make use of Programmable or smart thermostats only when you are home. As they nearly consume 50% of the power.
  • Lightning is a primary source of energy consumption. You don’t need to live in darkness to save energy. You can switch your old lights to LED. With this, you could save as much as $50-$75 on your Plano electric bill.

Find the best energy plan in Plano

Indeed, most consumers don’t know about their electricity usage until they open their bills. That’s why you care a lot about your monthly usage before choosing your best electricity plan. You may find different rates for different usage tiers. But to find the apt plan, you can use our electricity comparison engine to check  Plano electricity rates for 500kWh, 1000kWh and 2000kWh.

What do the different usage tiers mean?

  • 500kWh – Small Apartment, maybe mid-sized apartments with average electricity needs.
  • 1000kWh – Large Apartment or Medium Houses with average electricity needs.
  • 2000kWh – Large Houses, 2000kWh is generally the largest tier covering everything over 2000kWh.

Average Electricity Usage also requires an explanation. Older houses and apartments will use more electricity to heat and cool than newer structures. Comparing and selecting rates is more complex than you think. If you use energy around 500kWh or 1000kWh tiers each month, it will be easier for you to compare plans. If your usage fluctuates up and down, you can find difficulty choosing one.

Electricity Match makes it easier for you to compare the different tier rates. Whether you are in the Small Apartment usage tier or a large variance, you can check the box on the left side filter to sort our plans by different tiers.So, don’t waste hours with a calculator or spreadsheet trying to find the best plan. Use our comparison engine to see your real deal and the best Plano electricity providers based on the size of your home.

Electricity Savings

Once you find the best plan for your home, click the Order Button for that plan, fill in the details, and grab the deal.

If you can’t find your usage history or are moving into a new home, we have the answer for you too! Our simple Home Size filters will show you the Electricity Plan Rates for different sized homes.

Moving to Plano: How to setup your utilities

Over 285,000 people call the Plano area their home.

Plano is home to many industries, from Banking Services, Media, and headquarters to Toyota, Frito Lay, Cinemark, Pizza Hut, FedEx, etc.

Is it just moving to Plano? There are plenty of things to discover about Plano. Plano looks quite different from its origins of a Sawmill and a Gristmill, now boasting dozens of parks, trails and greenbelts.

Setting up Electricity at your new home

If you’re purchasing a new home, you must ask the prior owner for electricity bills copies for the past 12 months or as many months as they have. Now check the highest/lowest & average usage, and then look at what is best for you. This process will help understand the past usage to select the best electricity plan.

If you want to compare the best Plano electricity providers plan, you are at the right place. Electricity Match lets you quickly switch and save money and time for whatever plan you choose.

Switching Electricity companies in Plano

If this is your first time switching electric providers, get ready for a leisurely walk in the park. It’s easier than the first signup! You’ll appreciate how effortless our comparison engine displays the best plans customized for you if you are good at switching.

Do you already have a good plan? Maybe, maybe not, you can’t know how good your plan is until you compare Plano Electricity Plans. Competition among Energy Companies drives prices down and keeps them low, so it’s a great idea to check back here to see if you still have the right plan. Come back to Electricity Match a few weeks or a month before your current plan expires. Signup up for a better plan since you can switch plans within the last 30 days of the expiration of your current plan.

Compare plans before renewing your contract. That way, you can make sure you’re acquiring the best deal among competing Plano electricity companies.

Switching energy plans regularly can save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars each year on your energy costs.

Switching is easy:

  • No calls to cancel your current provider
  • No service calls to your house
  • No Electricity interruptions
  • Switching only takes a few minutes

Don’t call your current provider to cancel the service. In Plano, Texas, Plano electricity providers, your new electricity provider handles the revocation for you.

Another best thing is that you don’t have to deal with Power Outages when switching providers. The switch is seamless, and you won’t feel a thing. You will get Plano electricity from the same Distribution Company no matter who your retail provider is. Moreover, deregulation allows you to change Plano electricity providers in the last 14 days of your current contract without penalties or Early Termination Fees “ETFs”

Retail Plano Electricity Providers

Looking for the best retail Plano electricity providers “REP” in Plano Texas?

You can sign up for service with any number of great electricity companies like Pulse Power, Constellation, 4Change Energy, TXU Energy, TriEagle Energy and more.

Click on the company to view their rates, learn more about their service, or sign up.

Plano Retail Electric ProvidersPhone Numbers
4Change Energy888-365-9917
Pulse Power844-302-8076
New Power Texas866-654-5071
TXU Energy
Payless Power877-296-6922
TriEagle Energy833-943-0875

No-Deposit / Prepaid Electricity Plans

We know many people look for no deposits of electricity in Plano. Here at ElectricityMatch, you can find all the possible plans, including no-deposit plans, in the quickest way.

Many Texas electricity companies offer no-deposit plans. However, finding the right one for you can be overwhelming. We provide an easy-to-use search and compare tool to help you and make it easier for you to find the best plan. You can write your zip code and look for zero down or no-deposit electricity plans in Plano without any hassle. If you already know you want a prepaid plan, you can filter our plans to show Prepaid only.

Plano Texas Local Business

Plano Business Electricity Rates

In Plano, you have the power to choose business electricity to serve your site. ElectricityMatch helps you find the best Plano commercial energy companies by partnering with vetted partners that will compete for your business. We make this process quick and simple with three easy options. Compare Plano electricity rates online. There are different ways through which you can find the rates. Either you can call to speak with a Plano business energy expert or fill the form below to get a custom quote specific.

We make it simple to evaluate Plano business energy options and assist you in switching to a lower Texas energy rate, whether you are a one-person shop or a large commercial energy consumer.

Option 1:

Compare Business Electricity Rates

Visit our Small Business Electricity page for more details about the your power to choose in Texas.

Option 2:

Call now to speak with a business energy expert

Whether you are looking for a plan for your small business or significant commercial electricity rates, we can present you with the most competitive offers that will help you select the best electricity company for your needs.

Option 3:

Complete the form and get a custom quote for your Business Electricity.

When shopping for Texas commercial electricity rates, it pays to compare electricity companies in Plano and find the right plan for your business. Whatever option you choose, we will be here to help walk you through the process and get you the best rates for your business energy needs.

Commercial Form

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    For Your Business

    Your business is as unique as you are. Comparing electricity plans requires a personal touch.

    Complete our the form below and we will have a commercial energy consultant contact you to begin the process of finding a plan that works for your business.

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Plano Utilities

Plano Movers will appreciate the list below for all of your utilities. We have compiled the utility contacts you need to get everything turned on.

Zip Codes for Plano Metroplex

75023 75024 75025 75026 75074 75075 75086 75093 75094

Energy Texas Logo
36 Inflation Fix Plan

100% renewable energy from Texas sources
Protect yourself against inflation and lock in your rate for 3 years with our most competitive pricing

230 Times Sep 28th, 2022
Fixed Rate
12.7¢ per kWh
AP Gas & Electric Logo
True Classic 36

36 Month Fixed Rate
Guaranteed rate for 3 year
Straight-Forward bills

107 Times Sep 30th, 2022
Fixed Rate
12.9¢ per kWh
AP Gas & Electric Logo
True Classic Green 36

36 Month Fixed Green Rate
Guaranteed Green rate for 3 years
Straight-Forward bills

13 Times Sep 30th, 2022
Fixed Rate
13.3¢ per kWh
AP Gas & Electric Logo
True Classic 24

24 Month Fixed Rate
Guaranteed rate for 2 years
Straight-Forward bills

8 Times Sep 30th, 2022
Fixed Rate
13.4¢ per kWh
New Power Texas Logo
Power of One

Good plan for Large Homes.
Use your electricity anytime you want at one low price on your bill for any cycle under 2,000 kWh.

388 Times Jun 29th, 2022
Fixed Rate
13.5¢ per kWh
Rhythm Logo
Simply Bright 36

make a long-term impact with our best-priced plan, 100% renewable with long-term security.
No Hidden Fees
7-Days-a-week customer service

66 Times Sep 27th, 2022
Fixed Rate
13.7¢ per kWh
AP Gas & Electric Logo
True Classic Green 24

24 Month Fixed Green Rate
Guaranteed Green rate for 2 years
Straight-Forward bills

21 Times Sep 30th, 2022
Fixed Rate
13.8¢ per kWh
Energy Texas Logo
The Seguin 15

Lock in this low rate for 15 months by Energy Texas, the Texas born and bred Electricity Provider.

  • Term: 15 months
  • Monthly Recurring Charge: $4.95
  • Early Termination Fee: $275
  • Renewable Percent: 100%

9 Times Sep 28th, 2022
Fixed Rate
14.1¢ per kWh
Rhythm Logo
Simply Bright 24

Go green without spending too much green.

48 Times Sep 27th, 2022
Fixed Rate
14.3¢ per kWh
AP Gas & Electric Logo
True Classic 12

12 Month Fixed Rate
Guaranteed rate for 1 year
Straight-Forward bills

26 Times Sep 30th, 2022
Fixed Rate
14.5¢ per kWh

These Oncor Energy rates are live and updated daily. Pricing shown is for 2000kWh (Medium-Large Homes).


How to switch electricity providers in Plano Texas

It’s as easy as signing up for a new plan with a different provider. Your new provider will handle the cancelation of your old plan. You can switch to a new plan with 14 days left on your current contract without incurring any Early Termination Fees.
Start by selecting a new plan here.

Can I switch electric providers in the middle of my contract?

Yes you can. There will generally be an ETF (Early Termination Fee) ranging from $100 to $250, sometimes more. If you are in the last 14 days of your current contract you can change now.
Start by selecting a new plan here.

How do I turn on my electricity in Plano Texas?

It’s easy in Deregulated Texas, shop for an Electricity Plan, sign up, choose the start date. Texans have the Power to Choose their electric provider, competition drives the price down.
Start by selecting a new plan here.

How fast can I switch my electricity provider in Plano Texas?

Sometimes you can get it switched same day! More often it takes 2 days, not including weekends and holidays.

Does Plano Texas have No-Deposit Electricity Plans?

Yes they do, they are generally referred to as Prepaid plans.
Start by selecting a new plan here.