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Ben From Electricity Match


Hi I’m Ben from Electricity Match.  I’m one of the main guys around here at and also the mascot and spokesperson.

About Me:

As you know, my name is Ben from Electricity Match and I come from a long line of pet hamsters from the home of Mr. Benjamin Franklin.  That is where I get my name as well as my super in-depth knowledge of all things energy.    Our great great great (70+) grandfather helped establish the connection of lightning to electricity.  Although, many incorrectly associated his experiments with him being the founder of electricity.   He didn’t actually invent electricity or electric power, but he was very interested in electricity and made many discoveries. 


Mr. Franklin invented the lightning rod and even coined many electrical terms we still use today like; battery, charge, conductor and many others.   Mr. Ben’s fascination with energy kept my family very interested in learning more about electricity as well.  Over the many years since Mr. Franklin was around, we’ve most certainly come a long way.   We have learned a great deal more about electricity and its many uses and even how to conserve it.  Although Mr. Franklin and my ancestors were using kerosene lanterns and candles, we now charge our electric phones and electric cars. 

Knowledge is Power:

My knowledge has been passed down from generations and now I’m here to provide it to you and help you lower your energy costs on your home and business.  I hope you will keep in touch and let us help you lower your energy costs.  Please look around our site, utilize our knowledge of the energy industry to lower your bills, and if you have any questions, please drop us a line.

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