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Eliminate Energy Vampires in Your Home

This blog is no stranger to educating readers on how “energy vampires” needlessly drive up home energy costs. However, we all need an occasional reminder to motivate us to take action.  Here is a fun and simple infographic appropriate for the season.  The US Department of Energy developed this infographic in 2013 its suggestions can help […]

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Energy Conservation Essay Winner

ElectricityMatch has been the proud sponsor of a national essay scholarship contest for three years. During that time, we have received hundreds of outstanding essays on how to show people that conserving energy does not always mean sacrificing comfort. We are especially interested in new and innovative approaches from the next generation of engineers, business people, artists, and […]

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Spring Energy Savings Opportunities

While consumers in New England are suffering from one nor’easter after another, spring is making its presence felt in Texas. Along with the natural beauty of bluebonnets and Indian paintbrush, Texans will see their energy bills drop as they enjoy that brief break between heating and air conditioning. Our focus is helping consumers find the […]

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Lower Energy Bills Essay

Student Ideas on Lowering Your Power Bill

ElectricityMatch completed its second annual National Scholarship Essay Contest earlier this summer.  Having been around energy industry for more years than we care to mention, we found it refreshing to look to the next generation for ideas and insights on lowering your power bill. We asked current and incoming college students to identify how consumers […]

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Engaging Consumers in Energy Conservation

Engaging customers in energy conservation has been a challenge for electric utilities. Utilities often rely on advertising and bill inserts to communicate with their customers. However, many of us overlook or disregard these messages. We have all heard about simple energy conservation tips like caulking windows, installing smart thermostats, and switching to LED bulbs. However, […]

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