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Small Business Peak Load Reduction Incentives

Small Business Peak Load Reduction Incentives.  For most small businesses, the electricity choice market simply represents a chance to secure a good rate and minimize energy costs.  Historically, there has been little opportunity or incentive to manage electricity usage other than to reduce overall consumption.  With smart meter installations on the rise, however, time-of-use rate […]

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Commercial Electricity Brokers: 5 Questions

Commercial Electricity Brokers: 5 Questions.  As electric customer choice markets continue to evolve, brokers are playing an ever-increasing role in commercial energy procurement. This is especially true for small and medium-sized commercial customers where electricity providers have found brokers to be an efficient and effective customer acquisition channel. In markets like Texas, a small business […]

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Electricity Rates and Generation Fuel Mix

Electricity Rates and Generation Fuel Mix – Residential electricity rates are largely dictated by power generation fuel costs. The United States boasts a diverse generation fuel mix. In 2013, electricity was sourced from coal (39%), natural gas (28%), nuclear (19%), hydroelectric (7%), and renewable (6%) generation resources. However, electric generation sources vary widely across the […]

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Texas Electricity Provider Market Share

Texas Electricity Provider Market Share.  As Texas retail electric competition enters its 14th year, the market continues to mature as evidenced by the number of market participants and the diversity of their electric plans.  Even with merger and acquisition activity, the number of retail electric providers serving Texas customers continues to grow.  Several factors have […]

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