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Engaging Consumers in Energy Conservation

Engaging customers in energy conservation has been a challenge for electric utilities. Utilities often rely on advertising and bill inserts to communicate with their customers. However, many of us overlook or disregard these messages. We have all heard about simple energy conservation tips like caulking windows, installing smart thermostats, and switching to LED bulbs. However, […]

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Direct Energy Switches from Nest to Hive

Direct Energy switched from Nest to Hive. The consumer energy market has three major components. The first is the energy itself.  Consumers need reliable and affordable access to electricity and natural gas.  The second component involves energy consumption and conservation.  This includes everything from heating and cooling systems to low emissivity windows.  The third component […]

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Massachusetts Home Energy Profile

Massachusetts residents have a unique energy consumption profile. From Cape Cod in the east to the Pioneer Valley in the west, Bay State consumers use 22% more energy per household than the national average.  Massachusetts homes are more likely to have double or triple pane windows but are less likely to have a programmable thermostat than […]

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