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Electric Customer Choice Market Evolution

Electric Customer Choice Market Evolution.  Imagine if the telecom industry had deregulated in such a way that people in one state were streaming movies on their smart phones while their counterparts in another state were limited to using rotary dial phones anchored to wall jacks. This essentially describes the current state of electric customer choice […]

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Your Texas Electricity Usage Data

When shopping for great electric rates, Texas energy consumers should review their historical electric usage data.  This data is important in deciding if a particular retail electric plan is a good fit for their home.  Many retail electric plans have pricing components keyed to certain monthly usage levels.  In addition, customers considering time-of-use electric rates […]

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Champion Energy Texas Time-of-Use Rates

Champion Energy Texas Time-of-Use Rates.  One of the promised benefits of Texas smart meter deployment was that retail electric suppliers would develop rates based on the availability of the interval usage data.  While traditional watt-hour meters only record cumulative electricity usage, smart meters record, store, and transmit energy usage in 15-minute intervals.  This means a […]

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