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Your Texas Electricity Usage Data

When shopping for great electric rates, Texas energy consumers should review their historical electric usage data.  This data is important in deciding if a particular retail electric plan is a good fit for their home.  Many retail electric plans have pricing components keyed to certain monthly usage levels.  In addition, customers considering time-of-use electric rates […]

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Champion Energy Texas Time-of-Use Rates

Champion Energy Texas Time-of-Use Rates.  One of the promised benefits of Texas smart meter deployment was that retail electric suppliers would develop rates based on the availability of the interval usage data.  While traditional watt-hour meters only record cumulative electricity usage, smart meters record, store, and transmit energy usage in 15-minute intervals.  This means a […]

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TXU Energy and Direct Energy Free Electricity Plans

TXU Energy and Direct Energy Free Electricity Plans For most of the history of residential electric service in Texas, it did not matter when customers used electricity.  TXU Energy and Direct Energy have introduced free electricity plans.  Most energy providers simply took the difference between the beginning and ending reading and multiplied it by the […]

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Texas Smart Meters

Texas Smart Meters Overview – Traditional electric meters in Texas only had the ability to measure cumulative kilowatt-hours consumed.  Meter readers collected usage data approximately every 30 days.  No information was gathered about when the energy was used, only how much was used since the last meter reading. Interval Electricity Data To collect data on […]

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