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Want a Lower Texas Electricity Bill This Summer?

It all depends on your satisfaction with your Texas electricity bill and comfort level.  Every person wants a temperature according to their comfort level in which they can feel relaxed.  If you are looking to maximize your savings while not sacrificing comfort – our research indicates 78 degrees on the thermostat is that magic number, having the right energy plan for your home and using a smart thermostat will all help lower that Texas energy bill. 

And according to our research, we found that from 78 degrees Fahrenheit to 81 degrees Fahrenheit is recommended temperature to set the thermostat in summer.  This of course depends on your comfort level and upon the outside temperature and humidity.

First, select a Texas electricity plan that works for your lifestyle and home size.  Shop Texas electricity plans here.  There are a lot to choose from so pay close attention to the Electricity Facts Label (EFL) from each plan.  Make sure you are selecting a plan that is right for your lifestyle and home size.  For example – you live in a medium sized home – but you are are work all day and own an electric car.  Well, a Free Nights and Weekends plan would be perfect for you.  Whatever your lifestyle – there is a plan that will work for your home.

Second, focus on your HVAC temperature.  Cooling and heating can eat up more than half of your home’s energy costs.  With Texas summers – that always means cooling the home and higher bills.  So if you want to lower your Texas energy costs, we suggest increasing the thermostat to 78 degrees while at home.  With a fan on and temperature at 78 – you should be comfortable enough and this will be reflected in your lower Texas electric bill.

Third, buy a smart thermostat.  This will help on a number of levels.  What if you forget to turn up the AC when you leave the house?  If you use an innovative digital thermostat, it will save you energy, money, and time.  You can control these types of thermostats by using smartphones, laptops, or personal computers.  You can control it just by touching your smartphone (turn on or turn off) from anywhere. If you are away from home, you can turn it off quickly, or it will automatically turn off according to your geological location. This feature in the thermostat is called geofencing.  When you leave, your smart thermostat will automatically turn up the temperature – which means less usage and a lower bill.

When you are close to your home, it will automatically lower the temp according to your comfort level and location. Each degree can save you a lot of energy and money. 

If you do these 3 things – your home will be ready for those hot summer day – and you will see your efforts rewarded with a lower electricity bill.

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