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Ultimate Guide To Understanding Your Electricity Facts Label

Choosing electricity rates might sometimes feel to be a challenging task and understanding the Electricity Facts Label (EFL) is a key. You may face trouble comparing and finding the best constellation new energy rates in Texas. That’s why it is expected from retail electricity providers to provide an EFL for all the energy plans they sell. These labels are essential for offering customers a structured way to compare their energy plans and know the contract terms. 

Read the guide below to find out how you can save money by understanding everything about the Electricity facts label.

How to Read & Understand an Electricity Facts Label?

An Electricity facts label contains every little detail describing how much you will be charged for electricity use, the duration of the contract, and whether it’s a fixed or variable-rate plan. These labels offer you crucial information regarding your average monthly electricity rates, cancellation fees, and green percentage. Ensure that your electricity utility providers mail you your EFL when you sign up for the energy plan.

Items Included in an Electricity Facts Label

An EFL includes everything from the disclosures regarding your energy plans to your constellation new energy rates and the items below.

1. Energy Charge

The energy charge is the price you will pay to your electricity providers for each kWh you will use. Mostly retail energy providers set this charge and mention it on your EFL.

2. Base Charge

The base charge is the fixed monthly or minimum usage fees you pay to cover all the operational costs you pay for the energy services.

3. The Transmission and Distribution Utility (TDU) delivery charges

The TDSP charges are set by your local electricity providers, which sometimes cover the fees of delivering electricity to your home. This fee includes a fixed (per month) component and a usage-based(per kWh) and is mentioned on your EFLs with the name of your electric utility company.

4. Termination Fee

Termination fees are the ones you are bound to pay if you decide to cancel or terminate the contract of your energy plans early or before your term has expired.

4 Parts of a Standardized Electricity Facts Label Format

1. Header

The header section of the EFL includes many ites of interest.  These items are: effective date, company name, and Rate plans you have signed up for consumption. 

2. Energy Rates or Price of the Plans

This section includes a list of your electricity charges displayed on your final energy utility bill. Other expenses in this section will consist of fuel prices, customer service fees, TDU flat rate, TDU per kWh rate, and transmission and generation costs. 

3. Disclosure Chart

The section includes a detailed overview of everything.  It includes: product type, contract term, early termination fees, and price changes to the percentage of used renewable resources.

Using the EFL for Electricity Calculation

You can choose the best Corpus Christi electricity rates for you and your family by effectively completing the manual evaluation process.  Consider every little detail of the EFL if you want to get access to the best affordable energy rates.  Contact the experts at ElectricityMatch if you face any further trouble reading and understanding the EFL.

Compare EFLs & Choose the Best Electricity Providers With Us!

If you are searching for a place where you can find and compare the best Texas and Port Aransas electricity rates for your home, consider contacting ElectricityMatch. We can help you find the best rates that align with your budget and fulfill all your energy needs. Reach out to us to learn more about how to compare the best electric company and read the Electricity facts label.

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