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Bright Ideas in Home Lighting

Bright Ideas in Home Lighting.  There are few electricity end uses more essential than lighting.  Lighting was the primary driver behind electrification of our homes and businesses.  For decades, however, there were few improvements to lighting technology.  We had a functional, affordable technology that consistently delivered what we desired.  The problem with traditional incandescent lighting […]

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Understanding Green Button

Understanding the Green Button.  Consumers often encounter various value-added services when shopping for great electric rates for their home.  From smart thermostats to home automation networks, new technologies are giving retail electric customers more control over how they use energy.  At the root of many of these energy monitoring and control technologies is data from […]

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Electricity Plans and Nest Thermostats

The key to optimizing heating and cooling energy usage in your home lies in your thermostat settings.  The goal is to save energy without sacrificing comfort.  In some ways, the evolution of thermostats is analogous to innovations in car windshield wipers. Thermostat Evolution For decades, residential energy consumers had manual mercury thermostats.   This stage of […]

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Electric Heat Pumps and Gas Furnaces

Heating and cooling are the most energy-intensive systems for residential retail electric customers.  Many energy consumers do not think much about these systems until they face maintenance issues or system replacement.  When replacing a home heating system, there is a multitude of high efficiency models from which to choose.  Consumers should become familiar with the […]

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