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Hino Electric Power Company Review - Not customer centered By: Jennifer S on May 10th, 2016

I have been a Hino electric customer for 1 month. I have never written a review on any company before, but I am so deeply frustrated and displeased with this company. I wish I had read more reviews before signing a contract. Hino hides its face behind policies and procedures rather than making customer service and advocacy their top priority. I do not pay late bills. I do not miss payments. I am a responsible consumer. My credit card was lost during my move and I did not update it quickly enough on my auto-payment settings with Hino. I was charged a $45 fee for a payment that did not go through on my credit card. I understand the contract states that the company has a right to do this, but they also have the ability to waive that fee depending on the circumstances. If I were a repeat offender or just simply didn't want to take care of my charges then I could understand their decision to not waive the fee. I was also charged the minimum usage fee of $15 for one week of service which was also something they hid behind a policy on. That decision I can even understand. I respect rules but I think there are times and situations where an honest mistake is made and a rule can be bent as a show of loyalty and appreciation. Hino does not offer that. They are not customer centered. I will be leaving Hino as soon as my contact is up, if not sooner. They do not know how to make loyal customers.