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Utility Provider:Eversource (NStar-Commonwealth)

You're on the verge of uncovering an amazing electric rate in Cummaquid, MA. We have put together a list of the top deals and offers from the top-rated electricity companies offering service for your area. You can easily rank the list of electric rates for Cummaquid, MA according to the name of the electric provider, agreement duration, or maybe rate.

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Direct Energy Logo
Live Brighter 12

Lock in a low electricity rate for the next 12 months! You\'ll also benefit from gaining access to Direct Energy’s Online Account Manager where you can view your energy usage and pay your bill, all in one place.

21 Times Mar 5th, 2018
12 Months Fixed Rate
12.19¢ per kWh
Spark Energy Logo
Price Protect 12

Market rates can go up and down, but with this plan, you can lock in your rate for 12 months so you don’t have to worry. Your rate stays put, guaranteed.

33 Times Jan 19th, 2018
12 Months Fixed Rate
11.9¢ per kWh
Direct Energy Logo
Live Brighter 18

Lock in 18 months of electricity at a fixed rate that is guaranteed not to change for the life of your contract.

18 Times Mar 5th, 2018
18 Months Fixed Rate
11.59¢ per kWh