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Now Serving Electricity Shoppers in TX

ElectricityMatch provides consumers with an easy way to shop for competitive electricity offers. We currently serve consumers in deregulated areas of Texas.  Other markets are on the horizon.  We look forward to expanding our service and helping more customers find great deals on electricity.

Why Deregulation?

Regulated utilities have been the traditional providers of electric and natural gas services. The problem with this approach is that it does not provide much of an incentive for innovation or cost efficiency.  Consumers benefit from open markets where companies compete for their business and loyalty.

Customer Choice Varies by State

Each state has the authority to decide if it will participate in energy deregulation. They write their own market rules, consumer protection rules, and decide which customers can participate in the market.  Unfortunately, this has resulted in a patchwork quilt approach to energy deregulation.

Some states allow all customer classes (residential, commercial, and industrial) to select their electricity and natural gas providers. Other states allow full access for one type of energy but limit participation for the other one.  Then there are those states that steadfastly cling to the traditional utility model.  Each state has a unique approach to customer choice.

Even in states with energy deregulation, not all consumers are able to participate in the market. Customer choice is usually limited to investor-owned utility service areas.  This means that consumers served by municipal utilities or energy cooperatives do not have the power to choose their energy provider.

Provider Coverage

Many energy providers find that being active in every deregulated market is impractical. The markets in some states are relatively small or constrained by regulatory burdens.  Other states may have rules that favor utility default service.  This has resulted in only a few energy providers choosing to participate in every state open to customer choice.  Most energy providers specialize in one or several states.

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