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Power to Choose

Texas Power to Choose Website

Texas Power to Choose Website

The Texas Power to Choose website is a great source for residential electricity customers in Texas.  This site provides information Texas homeowners need to make decisions about their electricity plans for their home.  Launched in 1999, the PowertoChoose.org site was created when the state deregulated their energy market.  Deregulation has allowed residents to choose their electricity provider instead of being restricted to one choice from their local utility company.

The website is operated by the Public Utility Commission of Texas (PUCT). The PUCT is responsible for regulating the state’s electricity market and ensuring that consumers have access to competitive electricity prices.  The website was designed to help consumers compare different electricity plans offered by retail electricity providers (REPs) operating in the state of Texas.

Prior to the formation of the Power to Choose website, finding an electricity plan for your home was a complicated and confusing process. The website was designed to ease this process and provide consumers with a list of providers and their plans. This has increased competition in the market, thus lowering electricity prices for the Texas consumer.

Over the years, the Power to Choose website has been updated and improved to provide better information and more tools.  The website now includes an electricity plan calculator, as well as educational resources and consumer protection information.

To better understand your options – you may want to become familiar with some of the terms in the Texas energy market.  Here is a list of Texas electricity market glossary terms:

  1. Deregulation:

The process of allowing consumers to choose their own energy supplier.

  1. Retail Electric Provider (REP):

A company that sells electricity to consumers in a deregulated market.

  1. Generation:

Producing electricity.

  1. Transmission:

Moving electricity from the generator to the distribution system.

  1. Distribution:

The process of delivering electricity to consumers.

  1. Load:

The amount of electricity that a consumer uses.

  1. Wholesale Market:

The market where electricity is bought and sold by electric suppliers and generators.

  1. Load Management:

The process of controlling the amount of electricity being used by consumers to ensure a steady supply of electricity.

  1. Peak Load:

The highest amount of electricity used in a given period of time.

  1. Base Load:

The minimum amount of electricity needed to meet consumer demand.

  1. Renewable Energy:

Energy produced from natural resources such as wind, solar, and water, that are replenished over time.

  1. Energy Efficiency:

The process of using less energy to perform the same function.

  1. Fixed-Rate Plan:

An electricity plan with a fixed rate for the duration of the contract.

  1. Variable-Rate Plan:

An electricity plan with a rate that can change based on market conditions.

  1. Green Energy Plan:

Electricity plans that focus on using renewable energy sources.

The Power to Choose website also provides homeowners with important information about the Texas electricity market. The website offers educational resources and tips on how to reduce energy usage and save money on your Texas electricity bills. Consumers can also get information about different types of electricity plans, including fixed-rate plans, variable-rate plans, and renewable energy plans.

Here are some reasons why a fixed rate electricity plan may a better fit for your home:

  1. Predictable monthly costs:

A fixed rate electricity plan offers stable, predictable monthly costs, which means you can budget accordingly without worrying about sudden spikes in electricity prices. This can help you save money on your monthly bills, as you can take advantage of fixed rates that may be lower than variable rates.

  1. Protection from market fluctuations:

The electricity market can be volatile, and prices can change rapidly. With a fixed rate electricity plan, you are protected from these fluctuations and can avoid the stress of unpredictable bills.

  1. Long-term savings:

Fixed rate electricity plans usually offer lower rates over the long term, compared to variable rate plans. This can result in significant savings over the life of the plan.

  1. Peace of mind:

Fixed rate electricity plans provide peace of mind as you know what to expect from your electricity bill each month. This stability and predictability can help you budget and plan more effectively, giving you peace of mind.

  1. No surprise charges:

With a fixed rate electricity plan, you know exactly what you will pay each month, without any hidden fees or surprise charges. This can help you avoid unexpected bills and make budgeting easier.

The Power to Choose website is updated regularly so consumers have access to the most up-to-date information and pricing. The website is also user-friendly and easy to navigate, making it simple for consumers to find the information they need.

In recent years, the Power to Choose website has come under some criticism for its misleading information and lack of oversight. Critics have pointed out that many electricity plans listed on the site contain hidden fees, and that some providers have used misleading advertising to attract customers. Despite these criticisms, the Power to Choose website remains one of the most popular resources for Texas residents looking to compare and choose an electricity provider.


Overall, the Texas Power to Choose website has been very beneficial to the state’s energy market. By providing consumers with information and tools to make informed decisions, the website has helped to increase competition and lowered electricity prices. It is important for consumers to use the website with caution and to carefully review all of the information and plans available before making a final decision.

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