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Best No Deposit Electricity Plans in Texas

Best No Deposit Electricity Plans in Texas. 

Many residents in Texas find themselves under circumstances where they need immediate electricity for multiple reasons. Some people do not have the financial resources to pay for the deposits of electricity plans. To help with this, many power companies in Texas offer no deposit energy plans. These plans are ideal for consumers who want to avoid a credit check and do not have enough funds to pay the deposits in advance. If you plan to switch to no deposit plans, learn more about them below. 

What are No Deposit Electricity Plans? 

No deposit energy plans are ideal energy plans that do not require advance payment to initiate the services. The customers are not charged for receiving the electricity services under the no-deposit programs. Many power companies in Houston have started offering these plans, thereby allowing buyers to get the power supply without advance payment. 

These plans are great for consumers with fixed earnings and tight budgets who cannot pay for the electricity bills in advance. Many utility companies in Texas offer these plans after customers meet specific qualifications and check their credit history and past payments. These plans have enabled access to electricity without tedious credit checks, long contract terms, and upfront deposits for customers.  

Some Benefits of No Deposit Electricity Plans For Consumers  

The benefits of opting for no deposit electricity plans for consumers are plentiful.

1. Under the no deposit electricity plans, you are not required to pay for the deposit in advance.

2. You get same-day access to electricity 

3. You do not need a credit check to start the services

4. These plans do not have long term contracts 

5. You pay only for the exact amount of electricity you consume 

6. Get instant approval for your services

7. You get a usage and balance alert 

8. You can track the electricity usage conveniently

No Deposit Electricity Plans Offered by Payless Power

Being one of the best power companies in Houston Texas, Payless Power offers no deposit electricity plans providing an affordable solution to the energy needs of Texas. Below are some no deposit electricity plans offered by Payless Power to consumers. 

1. Payless Power – Premier 12 – Prepaid Plan

The plan is a fixed-rate energy plan valid for 12 months at $0.165 / kWh for customers. You do not need to require a credit check to access the program.

2. Payless Power – Simple 6 Prepaid Plan 

The plan is valid for 6 months and is available at $0.170 / kWh for consumers. Again, like the previous plan, you do not need a credit check for this plan.

3. Payless Power – Easy Choice – Prepaid Plan

It is a variable rate plan with no contract terms and early cancellation fees. The plan involves a daily charge of $2.67 to cover the first 17 kWh of electricity, and anything beyond will be charged at an average price per kWh. 

Contact ElectricityMatch for More Information 

Some power companies in Texas offer no-deposit plans for easy access to electricity for their customers. If you want more information on no-deposit plans, connect with ElectricityMatch, where you can compare different energy plans to choose the one that fits your budget and requirements. 

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