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Connecticut Energy Rate Trends

Like most New Englanders, Connecticut energy consumers tend to use more energy per household than the national average.  This is largely due to energy consumed during the heating season.  Connecticut households typically use about 60% of their annual energy consumption on space heating, 24% on appliances and lighting, and 15% on water heating.  Only 1% […]

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Commercial Electricity Plans – Risky Business

Commercial and residential electricity plans can differ significantly in how they are packaged and presented to prospective customers. Commercial electricity offers typically focus on price, customer service, and access to data and reporting. Residential electricity offers appeal to a broader spectrum of customer interests and include value-added services like smart thermostats, appliance warranties, or heating […]

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Understanding Residential Fixed Rate Charges

Texans shopping for residential electricity rates can select from a variety of competitive plans. With so many offers available, how do consumers compare electricity offers? The answer lies in the Electricity Facts Label. The Electricity Facts Label (EFL) is a standardized document that must be presented to a customer before they enroll in an electric […]

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Electricity Rates and Generation Fuel Mix

Residential electricity rates are largely dictated by power generation fuel costs. The United States boasts a diverse generation fuel mix. In 2013, electricity was sourced from coal (39%), natural gas (28%), nuclear (19%), hydroelectric (7%), and renewable (6%) generation resources. However, electric generation sources vary widely across the country. Regional Generation Varies Washington State, for […]

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Electric Rate Plans Benefitting Your Community

When Texas consumers shop for great electric rates, the barrage of marketing messages can be difficult to analyze. Fixed electricity rates, variable rates, renewable energy, and a wide array of contract terms are overwhelming. The quality of customer service and ease of doing business also play a role in choosing an electricity company. For some […]

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Are Electricity Bills Increasing?

Along with mortgage/rent payments and food, energy costs are one of the largest home budget items.  With the energy market migrating toward natural gas and renewable energy generation, the question arises as to what is happening to electricity rates. According to data from the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA), residential electricity rates increased by an […]

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Your Texas Electricity Usage Data

When shopping for great electric rates, Texas energy consumers should review their historical electric usage data.  This data is important in deciding if a particular retail electric plan is a good fit for their home.  Many retail electric plans have pricing components keyed to certain monthly usage levels.  In addition, customers considering time-of-use electric rates […]

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Texas Commercial Electric Rates – Demand

The role of electric demand is important in understanding Texas commercial electricity bills.  Electric demand is the rate at which electricity is used.  It is measured in kilowatts (kW) or kilovolt amperes (kVA).  A common analogy is that electric demand (kW or kVA) is like a speedometer while electric energy (kWh) is comparable to an […]

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