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General FAQ’s

Why should I shop for an electric plan?

The answer depends on where you live. If you live in deregulated areas in Texas, you must select an electricity provider in order to get service at your home. For customers in other deregulated states, shopping gives you an opportunity to find a lower rate than your utility’s standard service. Shopping also allows you to select an electric plan that locks in your rate, supports renewable energy, or includes value-added services.

How do I find and compare electric rates?

Simply enter your zip code and you will see pricing plans from the best providers in the market. You can filter the search results by provider, term length, or renewable energy content. We also show you which pricing plans are the most popular with other electricity shoppers.

How does ElectricityMatch differ from other sites?

State-sponsored sites are usually required to display any valid offer from any licensed provider. ElectricityMatch is selective about the electricity providers and plans it displays. Not every supplier and not every plan makes the cut.

How does ElectricityMatch select the providers and plans its displays?

ElectricityMatch is unique in that we have experience working in the all aspects of the retail energy market including wholesale procurement, retail pricing, and customer service. We know what the market has to offer and have learned what works best for most customers. This allows us to determine which providers combine awesome customer service with no-nonsense electricity pricing plans.

How secure is the enrollment process?

ElectricityMatch provides a shopping platform to help you find and compare electricity plans. When you select a plan, you are transferred to the electricity provider’s site where you complete a secure enrollment process. This gives you the freedom to shop without worrying about compromising your personal information.

Will my service be affected by changing electricity suppliers?

Not at all! Your service will not be interrupted. The utility that delivers electricity to your home will continue to provide the same level of service and reliability regardless of which electricity supplier you choose.

For fixed rate plans, how long should I lock in my rate?

ElectricityMatch does not display fixed price plans with terms of less than 6 months as we believe shorter terms offer limited value to customers. Many customers find that terms of 12, 24, and 36 months are convenient. It really depends on how you value price security versus staying in the market.

How can I tell if an electricity provider is easy to work with?

This is a difficult question. Reading online reviews and asking family, friends, and neighbors are always good approaches. You can also select a plan with shorter length plan as a way of gaining experience with a particular electricity supplier.

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