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NYC skylineIf you live in the NYC area and your utility is Consolidated Edison, then you have the power to choose an ESCO as your energy supplier. There are several ways to shop for electricity rates. You can sort through direct mail advertisements. You can also listen to intrusive telemarketing calls during your dinner hour or take a chance with pushy door-to-door sales representatives. In this digital age, however, many of us prefer to shop online to find the best electricity rates.

The New York PSC maintains the newyorkpowertochoose rate comparison site. The problem with newyorkpowertochoose is that it has to display  offers submitted by any licensed ESCO in good standing with the NYPSC. As a result, you have to sort through a confusing array of offers from a long list of ESCOs.  It lists ESCOs without regard to quality of service and lacks the information consumers have come to expect when shopping online.

ElectricityMatch offers a refreshing alternative to high-pressure sales tactics and the confusing direct mail offers. We give you the convenience of online shopping along with the confidence that you are seeing competitive electricity rates from only the best ESCOs in the market. Most of all, it gives you the chance to shop at the pace you want and a time that is convenient for you.

Shop for Electricity

In New York, you have the choice of remaining on utility service rates or choosing your electricity supplier. The important thing to keep in mind is that your decision does not affect the reliability of your electric service. Con Edison will continue to maintain the wires, poles, and transformers regardless of whether you choose an ESCO or remain on utility rates. Con Ed will also continue to send your monthly bill. The only difference will be the electricity supply rate. Therefore, you can shop with confidence knowing that choosing an ESCO is only about managing the amount of your electricity bill.

ElectricityMatch has a convenient filter to allow to you to search for fixed rate electricity plans with terms ranging from 12 months to 36 months. Renewable electricity plans backed by sustainable generation sources like wind power are also available.

Utility Electric Rates

Consolidated Edison customers on utility default rates have two available options. First, they can select the basic tariff.  Under this plan, prices can vary throughout the year based on a number of cost factors.  Sometimes, these fluctuations can be significant. Customers can also select a voluntary time-of-use rate plan.  This plan has different prices for off-peak, peak, and super-peak time periods.  However, if you want to lock in your electricity rate for specific term, you need to enroll with an ESCO.

There are a couple of things to keep in mind when comparing utility tariff rates with ESCO electricity rates.  First, the rates are set very differently. Tariff service rates are established by Con Edison under the oversight of the New York PSC. If the utility sets their rates too low for a given period, they are allowed to recover those costs in subsequent rate periods. ESCOs, on the other hand, base their rates on the prevailing wholesale electricity market. Second, there may be a benefit to locking in your rates for 12 months or longer. Energy markets can be volatile and locking in a fixed rate provides you protection from market price changes. Also, having a fixed electricity rate allows you to budget for your energy costs without waiting to see what the utility rate is going be.

Top New York Electricity Companies

There are a number of competitive electricity suppliers serving New York City customers. When it comes to something as important as your energy bill, the quality of your electricity supplier is important. ElectricityMatch works only with select suppliers known for having competitive electric rates and the financial strength to deliver what they promise.

Major Communities Served by Con Edison

Con Edison maintains the electricity and gas distribution system serving most of New York City and Westchester County. Some of the larger communities served by Con Ed include:

New York City




Mount Vernon


White Plains

New Rochelle


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