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Appliance Usage in the Home

Household appliances were designed and invented to make life easier for everyone, improving our quality of life. Inventions like air conditioning, refrigerators and water heaters would be tough to live without. Unfortunately, these luxuries can be costly. Along with large appliances, there are countless electronic appliances that you use in your home every day that consume quite a bit of electricity.

Now, nobody enjoys paying the bills every month, especially when your electric bill is astronomically high without you knowing how it got there. Your first thought is that the power company has undoubtedly made a mistake, since there is no way you used that much electricity. Sometimes a high bill has to do with the amount you pay for electricity and what plan you’re on, but it more likely has to do with the appliances you use and how much you use them.

We created an infographic that gives you a snapshot on appliance electricity usage in the home. It lay outs how much on average it costs to run major appliances. Also, it provides details on some appliances that may surprise you with how much electricity they use, such as hair dryers, battery chargers and toasters. The infographic also gives tips and hacks you may not have thought of yet on how to save money on your electric bill each month.

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