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Texas Electricity Generation

How Texas Electricity Gets from Generation to Your Home

Texas Electricity is generated at power plants and transmitted over long distances to homes and businesses through a complex system of transmission and distribution lines. Here is a general overview of how Texas electricity gets from generation to your home:

  1. Power generation:

Electricity is generated at power plants using a variety of fuels, such as coal, natural gas, nuclear, and renewable energy sources. The energy from these fuels is used to generate electricity through a process called thermodynamics, which involves the conversion of heat into mechanical work.  According to ERCOT’s fact sheet – we surprisingly reached a wind generation peak in May 2022 of over 27,000 MW.

  1. Transmission:

After it is generated, electricity is transmitted from the power plant to a substation through high-voltage transmission lines. Typically, these lines are made of steel and are supported by towers or poles.  According to ERCOT – there are 52,700+ miles of high-voltage transmission lines in Texas.

  1. Distribution:

From the substation, the electricity is transmitted through lower-voltage distribution lines to homes and businesses. These lines may be located above or below ground and are typically made of copper or aluminum.

  1. Metering:

At each home or business, the electricity is measured by a meter, which records the amount of electricity used. The meter is typically located on the outside of the building and is read by the electricity provider on a regular basis to determine the amount of electricity used and the cost.

  1. Delivery:

Finally, the electricity is delivered to your home or business through the electrical outlets and devices you use.

Texas electricity is generated at power plants and transmitted through transmission and distribution lines to homes and businesses. The electricity is then measured by a meter and delivered through electrical outlets and devices.  Futhermore, to lower your electricity price – shop on www.ElectricityMatch.com to select the electricity supplier and plan that is right for your home or business.

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