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Small Business Electricity Brokers

You work hard to make your small business successful. You focus on every detail to make sure that your business grows profitably.  Electricity is an important cost category but it is hard to find time to research everything available in the market.  This is where an electricity broker can help minimize your cost without taking time away from running your business.

Brokers give you easy access to offers from multiple electricity providers. This greatly increases your chances of finding the provider with the most aggressive pricing on any given day.  This does not diminish the value of customer service when shopping for electric service.  You should only consider offers from electric providers that are financially stable and offer a level of customer service that meets your needs.  A good broker will only present offers from the top electricity providers.  After all, they are unlikely to retain your business if their recommendation leads to a negative experience.

Nothing is Free

Electricity brokers are like brokers in any other industry. They facilitate bringing buyers and sellers together.  Brokers provide a valuable service by saving you time and finding a lower electricity rate for your business.  In the absence of brokers, you would have to do all the legwork and deal with the direct sales staff at each electricity provider.  Naturally, a broker’s services are not free.  While you may not pay them directly, their fees are incorporated into your electricity rate.

Many reputable brokers are members of The Energy Professionals Marketing Association (TEPA). TEPA’s code of conduct prohibits its members from giving the impression that their services are free to the customer.  TEPA also requires its members’ brokering fees be market based and reasonable.  Although policing these standards is difficult, you will find that reputable brokers avoid excessive fees in the interest of maintaining long-term relationships with their customers.

If you have doubts as to whether your broker is charging reasonable fees, you should obtain a benchmark electricity rate for comparison. If your business is in an area with default utility service, you can benchmark against the current standard commercial rate.  Texas business customers can quickly obtain a rate quote by calling one the major electricity providers.  You should do this before engaging the services of a broker.  If your broker is being fair and honest with you, it is only right to deal with them in them in the same manner.

Choosing a Broker

There are plenty of electricity brokers from which to choose. They range from one and two-person shops to larger firms with a national presence.  Choosing an electricity broker for your business can sometimes seem more confusing than selecting an electricity plan.   When selecting an electricity broker for your business, be sure that you ask questions to make sure they meet your needs.  Doing your diligence when selecting a broker can make a huge difference in your electricity shopping experience.

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