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Payless Power Review – Deceptive Practices

Payless Power Review - Deceptive Practices By: Jonathan Cook on July 24th, 2018

Garbage. I signed up for a plan that states "$50 credit after 30 days of usage." However, the fine print states "180 must be maintained, or PaylessPower can reverse the credit." Why is this garbage? Because the TOS that displayed during the final click through on the online sign up differs from the TOS that I was sent, the TOS on the website that accompanied the plan, and the TOS that displays when I login to my account and look under "plan documents." This 180 day requirement is nowhere to be found. Is the company technically correct? Sure. But this is extremely deceptive. Why should I not assume that the TOS shown at sign up is not the same as the TOS that is provided with the plan? Didn't think I would have to read through two different TOS sheets to know what I was signing up for. Shady and deceitful.

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