Finding Texas electricity rates

Practical Guide to Texas Electricity Plans

Shopping for a low electricity rate for your Texas home can be confusing. There are a dizzying number of electricity providers from which to choose.  Each provider, in turn, may have multiple offers including prepaid electricity, variable rate plans, and fixed rate plans.  Fixed price electricity plans are the most common and the most popular with consumers.  […]

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electricity vampires

Electricity Vampires Drive up Monthly Energy Bills

Home energy topics tend to follow the seasons. Most consumers are not interested in air conditioner efficiency ratings in December.  Likewise, advice on space heaters seems more relevant in November than July.  It just makes sense to provide consumer information appropriate to the season.  Fall is great for working on all of those home projects […]

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Changing electricity providers

Texas Electricity Slamming Protection

Consumers benefit from electric deregulation in a variety of ways. First, commercial and industrial electricity users can better manage their energy costs.  This results in lower prices for goods and services and reduces our cost of living.  In addition, customer choice also encourages innovative rate structures and leverages new technologies like smart meters and learning […]

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