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TXU Energy and Direct Energy Free Electricity Plans

For most of the history of residential electric service in Texas, it did not matter when customers used electricity.  The analog watt-hour meters (think dials and that spinning disk) simply measured energy consumption.  Energy providers simply took the difference between the beginning and ending reading and multiplied it by the electricity rate.  With the deployment […]

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Electricity prices change

Commercial Electric Rates – Natural Gas Index

Most business customers prefer knowing what their electricity rate is going to be for a given contract term.  Others prefer to have their electricity rate ride with market.  There are several types of market index rates available to commercial and industrial customers.  One well-established electricity index product is based on natural gas prices.  This product […]

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Managing electricity prices

Hybrid Commercial Electricity Rate Plans

Retail electric providers typically offer fixed price plans to commercial customers.  These plans are great for businesses that are risk averse and prefer locking in their electric rate for the term of the contract.  The retail electricity supplier assumes market price risk and includes a premium in the fixed price for managing that risk. Some […]

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electricity rates

Texas Electricity Generation Sources

The Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) operates the power grid that serves approximately 90% of all electricity used in Texas.  Within ERCOT, about 75% of the electricity is consumed in areas open to retail electric competition.  The composition of the electric power generation fleet within ERCOT has changed over the years.  Wind generation, combined […]

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No deposit required

Texas Prepaid Electricity Plans

With most Texas electricity plans, the energy provider bills the customer after the end of each billing cycle.  Customers pay their bills and process repeats.  However, because customers are paying after consuming the electricity, the energy supplier could be left holding the bag if the customer does not pay their bill.  This is why credit […]

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powertochoose electricity Texas

Texas Electricity Provider Market Share

As Texas retail electric competition enters its 14th year, the market continues to mature as evidenced by the number of market participants and the diversity of their electric plans.  Even with merger and acquisition activity, the number of retail electric providers serving Texas customers continues to grow.  Several factors have contributed to this increase including […]

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Space heating efficiency

Natural Gas Fireplace Efficiency

It seems that every winter the debate arises over whether or not it is a good idea to use gas fireplaces for residential heating.  Gas fireplaces account for 10% of all U.S. residential natural gas consumption.  Among residential natural gas end-uses, fireplaces rank lower than gas furnaces and water heaters but well-ahead cooking and clothes […]

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Residential Solar Energy

Solar Energy: Delivery Tariff Challenges

The five largest sources of renewable energy generation in Texas are wind power, landfill gas, hydroelectric power, biomass energy, and solar power.  Only three of these renewable energy sources, wind power, hydroelectric power, and solar power, do not involve combustion.  Interestingly, in a state known for its abundant sunshine and lack of high gradient rivers, […]

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Natural gas suppliers

Natural Gas Bill Components

Natural gas is one of the most popular fuels available for residential energy customers.  The most common residential uses of natural gas are for space heating, water heating, fireplaces, cooking and clothes drying.  According us the U.S. Energy Information Administration, 55% of all households use natural gas as fuel source.  Because space heating is the […]

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Electricity plans energy conservation

Direct Energy and Bounce Energy Usage Reduction Rewards

Texas consumers have come to expect low rates and high reliability when it comes to their electric service.  Except for storm-related disruptions, power is typically available when you need it, in whatever quantity you need it, and at a level price.  As a result, most electricity customers do not consciously consider their impact on the […]

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