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Choosing a Texas Home Electricity Plan

Texas consumers have many options when it comes to shopping for an electricity plan. In addition to selecting an electricity provider, consumers can choose from a variety of plans. Renewable energy, free nights and weekends, and prepaid electricity offers are among the choices available for Texans. The most basic choice, however, is whether to select […]

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Best Electricity Plans for Smaller Homes

Shopping for low electricity rates can be confusing. This is especially true in Texas where the Electricity Facts Label is required to disclose average electricity prices at three monthly consumption levels: 500, 1000, and 2000 kWh. Consumers in smaller homes or those who live alone often find this perplexing.  Their usage may vary significantly between […]

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Practical Guide to Texas Electricity Plans

Shopping for a low electricity rate for your Texas home can be confusing. There are a dizzying number of electricity providers from which to choose.  Each provider, in turn, may have multiple offers including prepaid electricity, variable rate plans, and fixed rate plans.  Fixed price electricity plans are the most common and the most popular with consumers.  […]

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Texas Electricity Slamming Protection

Consumers benefit from electric deregulation in a variety of ways. First, commercial and industrial electricity users can better manage their energy costs.  This results in lower prices for goods and services and reduces our cost of living.  In addition, customer choice also encourages innovative rate structures and leverages new technologies like smart meters and learning […]

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Electricity Shopping Services not for Everyone

When it comes to finding low electricity rates for your home, you have several shopping venues from which to choose. You could respond to direct marketing offers from competitive electricity suppliers.  Checking out electricity provider websites is also an option.  A visit to the state-run electricity rate board is not a bad idea. However, these websites are notoriously […]

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Why We Need Electricity Choice

At the end of 2015, only 15 states and the District of Columbia had active residential electric choice programs. Participation caps in California and Michigan squelched consumer choice in those states.  New York effectively shut down its residential electricity market in February 2016 by imposing drastic limitations on marketers.  Customers in Ohio, Illinois, and Massachusetts are […]

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